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Professional Membership


yearly membership fee*

Scientists, physicians or other professionals possessing a MD or PhD degree who have presented credentials indicating their professional activity, either medical, investigational or educational in the scientific or clinical disciplines.

Lifetime Professional Membership


Open to members who are qualified for Professional Membership or Associate Membership. In addition to other membership benefits, lifetime members will be invited to special ISMND events. Lifetime memberships are not transferable.

Associate Membership


yearly membership fee*

Post-doctoral fellows, emeritus professors, medical residences, lab technicians, and other individuals who have professional research interest in neurodegenerative disease field.

Student Membership


Students (undergraduate and graduate) who are enrolled in accredited training programs and/or medical schools are currently eligibile for a FREE 1-YEAR MEMBERSHIP! This valuable offer is available for a limited time and verification of current student enrollment is required. Take advantage of webinars, discounts and other benefits of ISMND today!

Membership Benefits

  • Access to workshops 
  • Meet the professor 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Access to mentorship program 
  • Seminar series organized by ISMND 
  • Meet the editor 
  • Access to master classes 

Other Platforms:

  • Seminar series organized by ISMND
  • Open position posting on website

Memberships in Developing Countries

ISMND offers membership options for applicants residing in countries classified as low-income, developing economy, economy in transition, or small island developing states.